When PetroMAC first opened in 1999, it began specializing in gas stations and convenience stores as the principals had significant experience in this industry from being in the insurance business, specializing in doing service statioins and oil and lube centers. Because 65% of all car washes are at gas stations, obviously they learned most of the in's and out's of the car wash business from originating gas station and convenience store loans. In today's market, you not only need to know and be aggressive in your submission of gas station loans, but you also need to know the actual business on some level and you need to be able to know who is actually doing the loans. We frequently are doing "Prior Sale" searches, UCC liens searches, mortgage lien searches and Freedom Of Information Searches to find out who is either lender or who has mortgages on car washes. This information must also be current. It is no use to find out who did a car wash loan five years ago because they probably aren't doing them now.

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