Documents – Purchase

Transaction Summary

  • Loan Application
  • Executive Summary
  • Estimated Use Of Proceeds
  • Purchase Agreement (Signed And Executed)
  • Interior / Exterior Color Photos Of Property
  • Pro Forma Projections with Assumptions (In absence of financials)

Borrower/Buyer Information

  • Personal Financial Statement (Dated within 30 days for all who own 20% or more)
  • Resume
  • Last Three Years Personal Federal Tax Returns (for all who own 20% or more)
  • Last Three Years Corporate Federal Tax Returns (for all who own interest in affiliate companies more than 20%)
  • Last Three Months Bank Statement (Or show source of equity infusion)
  • Copy of drivers license, social security card or passport and green card (front and back)
  • Personal Income And Expense Analysis (for all who 20% or more)

Seller Information

  • Last Three Years Corporate Tax Returns (Or audited financials)
  • Last Three Years Corporate Profit / Loss Statements
  • Year-To-Date Corporate Financial Statements (incoe statement & balance sheet)
  • List of assets/equipment to be purchased

To find out and pre-qualify for car wash financing and what options are available, please send the following information.  You can also email us an Executive Summary of your project to and we will respond to your inquiry.

  1. Previous Year End Business Financials
  2. Current Year-To-Date Business Financials

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