Equipment Leasing

The benefits of car wash equipment leasing are numerous.  Frequently 100% financing is available for qualified businesses.  It is unlike a loan in that it frequently does not require a down payment.  Because of this, the business owner can conserve their working capital by leasing it.

Leases are usually a much quicker process for approval than a conventional loan, Usually approval is within a few days and funding within a few weeks.  Some loans are approved in hours!

  • Car Wash
  • Entry Stations
  • Dryers
  • New Locations
  • POS
  • Expansions

Program requirements are: (Subject to Change)

  • Time in business requirement 2 years
  • FICO credit score 660 or higher
  • Minimum loan amount $25,000
  • Terms from 24-84 months

Benefits Of Leasing

  • QUICK approvals!
  • 100% financing at fixed rates
  • Preserves your bank line of credit
  • Eliminates equipment obsolescence 
  • Improve your balance sheet
  • Conserves working capital
  • Tax deductible montly payments
  • Flexible plans – $1 and 10% buyouts

Leasing can ease the strain that a business has by frequently providing 100% financing which allows you the businessowner to concentrate on profit generating activities.  It can also make your business have a low tax deductible payment instead of a large cash sale price.  Soft costs, service contracts, delivery and taxes can frequently be included in the cost of the lease.  Usually all that is required is one or two payments in advance.

To find out and pre-qualify for car wash financing and what options are available, please send the following information.  You can also email us an Executive Summary of your project to and we will respond to your inquiry.

  1. Equipment Lease Application 

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