Private Loans

Private and hard money financing is an option for borrowers that are looking for speed or have minimal to no financials available on the site. Private money will always be higher rate and points than institution financing. People are looking for a much higher return on their money so points and rates will be higher and the loan-to-value or advances will be smaller than normal instituional loans.  Business value will not be financed, only land, building and equipment.  Depending on the lender, private money deals usually will close within two to four weeks of applying, after all necessary documentation is received.

Types of Financing

  • Acquisition
  • Expansion
  • Refinance

Loan Amounts:       $250,000-$10,000,000

Terms:                    1,2,3 Year

Interest Rate:        Interest Only / Fixed Rates are currently between 9.99% – 15.99%. Rates can be fixed or floating, although usually fixed.

Amortization:         15 Years / Interest Only

Loan To Value:      40 – 60% (No goodwill included)

Prepay Penalties:  Some exit fees may apply, depending on lender


  • Origination 1.5 – 6.0 Points
  • Due Diligence Deposit / Retainer
  • Customary closing costs


  • Owner occupied / investment properties
  • Reasonable financial statement or credible projections

Collateral: First lien on land, building, equipment and inventory. Additional outside collateral may be required.

To find out and pre-qualify for car wash financing and what options are available, please send the following information.  You can also email us an Executive Summary of your project to and we will respond to your inquiry.

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